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Samhain 2019

The Evening of October 31st is known as Samhain. It’s a time to mark the endless cycle of life & death

For many pagans, Samhain is seen as the beginning of the New Year. Samhain is the time of year when the nights grow darker, there’s a chill in the air & there’s a thinning of the veil between our world & the realm of the spirits. For many pagans this is time of reflection & spiritual growth. Looking for a ceremony or ritual to celebrate the pagan sabbat

Samhain Prayers

This is the night when the gateway between our world & the spirit world is thinnest. Tonight is a night to call out those who came before. Tonight I honour My ancestors spirits of My Fathers & Mother’s , I call to you & welcome you to join me for this night. You watch over me always protecting & guiding me, & tonight I thank you , your blood runs in My veins , Your spirit is My heart , Your memories are in My soul

Feasting & Food

No pagan celebrations is really complete without a meal to go along with it. At Samhain, celebrations the food that celebrates the final harvest & death of the sun , fields by making soups pumpkin 🎃 spice cheesecake baked apples 🍎

Don’t forget to leave some food at the front of your home for spirits to feed on before they travel on their journey. We hope you enjoyed this short insight into Samhain

Remember Be Happy Be Naked

David & Debbie Barny 2019

August / September 2019 with The Barny’s

Hello & Welcome to our latest blog glad you are still reading & enjoying our life adventures . We hope you like our blog about Mabon or to give it , its other name the Autumn 🍂 Equinox

We have finally become official Naturist as we have both joined British Naturism It’s been a busy August for the both of with our heavy work commitments so we were unable to do much travels & adventures together the weather in August has been mixed with Rain, Sun there is now a change in the weather as it’s starting to get chilly in the evenings , but on one the weekend we did have some sunshine & was able to enjoy the warm sunshine on our bodies

We have had some aggravation as Debbie’s car was hit by a AO delivery driver causing so much damage the car is now an economical repair we have had Essex Police involved with the incident but unfortunately Essex police don’t seem to be bothered to get involved and prosecute the driver which we feel is unbelievable. It’s been a mad couple of weeks as we have had to get insurance quotes fill numerous insurance forms and statements getting the details off to AO And now it’s just awaiting game to see how much AO are Going to pay out or do we now go to court over this issue,

On the 20th September we have both some time off & we set out early Friday morning packing the car up & head off to Avebury in Wiltshire to look at the Stone Circles that surround the village we have recently joined the National Trust and so we make most of our membership whilst we are here, We park the car in the National Trust carpark and head to the stone circles and  unlike it’s near neighbour Stonehenge you can get up close and personal with the stones here in Avebury, the weather is bright sunshine with strong wind early in the morning, We go off for a six mile walk round the village & as we went away from the village we stripped off & continued to walk naked for most of the rest of the walk only encountering sheep and cows along the route.

Once we got back near the village we got dressed & went to the Red Lion inn which is one of the most haunted pubs in United Kingdom where we had a nice couple of cold beers before moving on and going to view couple of the National Trust properties our membership gave us free access to Avebury Manor & the Alexander Keiller Museum , after spending time in the museum & manor garden we went back to our a car drove to a nice Restaurant in Swindon after dinner it was back travelling along the M4 Motorway to our overnight hotel in Reading.

It’s now Saturday the 21st of September & it’s a very special day for us as it’s our Wedding Anniversary 7 years ago we married in Hawaii & it has a double special day as it falls on the Mabon or the Autumn 🍂 Equinox

We have breakfast at the hotel before we set off travelling a long the M4 & M25 where we reach our destination in Sevenoaks Kent , we here at The National Trust property knole


The current house dates back to the mid-15th century, with major additions in the 16th and, particularly, the early 17th centuries. Its grade I listing reflects its mix of late-medieval to Stuart structures, and particularly its central façade and state rooms. It is currently undergoing an extensive conservation project, to restore and develop the structures of the buildings, and thus help to conserve its important collections.[3] The surrounding deer park has also survived with varying degrees of management in the 400 years since 1600.[4] Look our for our blog about Samhain which will be out of the 31st October 2019

Remember be Happy Be Naked

Debbie & David Barny 2019

Mabon 2019

This is a very important day for us as it’s our Wedding Anniversary on this day , we Married in Hawaii in 2012

This festival is now named after the the God of Welsh mythology, Mabon. He is the Child of Light and the son of the Earth Mother Goddess, Modron. In truth, there is little evidence that Mabon was celebrated in Celtic countries and the term Mabon was applied as recently as the 1970’s. All part of our reconstructed Paganism.

Here is another point of perfect balance on the journey through the Wheel of the Year, its counterpart being Ostara or the Spring Equinox. Night and day are again of equal length and in perfect equilibrium – dark and light, masculine and feminine, inner and outer, in balance. But we are again on the cusp of transition and from now the year now begins to wane and from this moment darkness begins to defeat the light.The cycle of the natural world is moving towards completion, the Sun’s power is waning and from now on the nights grow longer and the days are are shorter and cooler. The sap of trees returns back to their roots deep in the earth, changing the green of summer to the fire of autumn, to the flaming reds, oranges and golds. We are returning to the dark from whence we came.

But before we do that, we’re gonna party (again)! This is the Second Harvest, the Fruit Harvest and the Great Feast of Thanksgiving. The Goddess is radiant as Harvest Queen and the God finally dies with His gift of pure love with the cutting of the last grain. He will return. As the grain harvest is safely gathered in from Lammas and reaches completion, we enjoy the abundance of fruit and vegetables at this time. It is time to thank the waning Sun for the wealth of harvest bestowed upon us. It sometimes seems that each Festival requires the making of celebration and the giving of thanks, but this really is so, each turn of the Wheel brings both inner and outer gifts and insights. 

So Mabon is a celebration and also a time of rest after the labour of harvest. In terms of life path it is the moment of reaping what you have sown, time to look at the hopes and aspirations of Imbolc and Ostara and reflect on how they have manifested. It is time to complete projects, to clear out and let go that which is no longer which will lie dormant but nourished in the dark, until the return of Spring.

Thank to The Goddess & Green Man

Blessed Be

Remember Be Happy Be Naked

David & Debbie Barny

Our Naked 🇧🇬Bulgarian 🇧🇬Adventure 2019

Hello once again Thank You for your likes & comments on our two blogs from last month .

It’s the early hours of Saturday morning & we pack up our car & head off to London Gatwick we hit problems on the A13 then again on the M25 as major roads works are taking place but we arrive at the airport in plenty of time once we have checked in our luggage & received our boarding passes we head into the duty free where Debbie spends some of her Birthday money on perfume we then go to the Flying Horse pub for a hearty full English breakfast with a very unconventional Gin n tonic instead of the normal cup of tea lol.

After a pleasant 3 hour flight we land at Bourgas where driver is waiting for us to take us to our apartment, 40 minutes later we arrive the temperature is Hot 🥵 in the 90sF. The first thing we do is strip off & unpack & sort out our apartment as it’s been just over a year since we were last here , we had already had the apartment cleaned on Friday by the management company that looks after our apartment. We clock watch a bit as we have a hire car to pick up. It’s soon time to put some clothes on & head to the bus stop unfortunately the bus dose not go all the way so we have a long walk up The Main road leading at of Nessebar. We soon arrive & after doing the paperwork we pick up our car it’s a Dacia Duster all wheel drive vehicle, we then go to the big Janet supermarket & pick up supplies, later in that evening we pop out for dinner at Picadilly .

its Sunday & the heavens have open with torrential rain we head off to Bourgas in our hire car we use Waze app for directions to take us to the galleria Mall. After a 30 minute drive we arrive at the Mall & have some breakfast before exploring the mall

As we head back to Nessebar the roads are very busy with the heavy volume of vehicles this makes it a difficult drive , with the erratic Bulgarian style of driving & the fact we are now driving on the wrong side of the road opposed to how we drive in the UK.

As for the car the Dacia Duster 4×4 drives well, it has a nice driving position good around vision I have to say I was pleasantly surprise as Dacia vehicles are very cheap to buy in the UK against similar vehicles. On the way back we head for a much needed beer before returning to our apartment we both get our IPads out & watch the Wimbledon men’s final on one & the Cricket World Cup on the other, “Well done to the England Cricket Team World Champions & Novak Djokovic who won a epic Final against Rodger Federer.

It’s Monday & the weather has improved so much so that we are able to spend the day sunbathing naked around our pool , we do little lite reading & listening to music on our iPods

In the evening we go & have dinner at one of our favourite restaurants the 💯 % Family Restaurant once again it didn’t disappoint after dinner we headed to the Barcardi Bar for a few cocktails.

Tuesday I wake up with a bad headache, Debbie was fine, the weather was hazy so we decided to head to Nessebar to pay the Council Tax we waited at the bus stop but when the bus finally come we were unable to get on , there was so many people on it , so we walked into Nessebar . We arrived at the Council offices took a ticket & waited our turn to pay , finally our number come up & the bill was 87 lev which is about £45:00 For the year , we wish that would be the price in the Uk instead of the £1300:00 we pay a year.

We head to old Nessebar which is UNESCO World Heritage site we exploded the old town before heading to the echo bar for a cheeky beer with its stalagmites and Staloch tights which turns out to be man made but dose look very convincing we look in the different shops & boutiques before stopping for a spot of lunch over looking the Black Sea , after lunch we walked back to our apartment where we were glad to remove our clothes & enjoyed a evening in.

Wednesday & the weather has improved so we back up & head to the Naturist beach which is a short walk from our apartment & spend lovely day their enjoying the warm sunshine ☀️ on our Naked bodies later that evening we took the small train ride into Sunny Beach where we found a new Italian Restaurant right on the seashore & enjoyed a lovely meal the staff were gave excellent service, this can’t be said for all restaurants in Bulgaria 🇧🇬 the Restaurant is called Stella di Mare if you ever come here we would highly recommend it.

Thursday & we have some breakfast on our balcony while listening to audible book by Ex special forces SBS snipper Ant Middleton later we then head off to the Naturist Beach where we spend just over 3 hours, we would have stayed long but a strong winds were coming off the sea, covering us in sand right by the Naturist section of the beach on the textile side is a new Bar called Bar Che named after the Revolutionary. We had a beer while watching the world go by sadly we have to be dressed now to be in their. We got back to our apartment showered & ready for a evening out going again to 💯 % Restaurant then onto another bar for cocktails before calling it a early night.

Friday we wake up to glorious sunshine & enjoy breakfast on our balcony before heading of to beach there is no wind just claim seas the Sea water is getting warmer as swim in the Black Sea to cool down our warm bodies, we don’t dry ourselves with our towels we let the warm sun do this. We spend about 4 hours on the beach packing our stuff up making sure we leave no rubbish behind so others can enjoy this wonderful beach. We again stop off for nice cold beer 🍺 at Bar Che before returning to our apartment & get showered & changed for evening out , we take the little train right into the heart of Sunny Beach then we still have a long walk along the sea passing by many shops selling fake designer clothes & restaurants all clamming to be the best in Sunny Beach. We finally arrive at Hawaii Restaurant where we have to wait outside for about 30 minutes for a table we have a nice meal with a bottle of wine 🍷

Saturday is here & we have been here a week already we decide do have a day round the pool sunbathing naked while listening to our iPods , also makes it easier when you wanna get something to eat or nice cold beer 🍺 out of the fridge just pop up to our apartment. It was nice swimming in the pool even though the water was cold at first, but lovely & refreshing once in . We went to the Bacardi bar for pizza then for a few drinks. Before returning to our apartment.

Sunday again we stay around our apartment & sunbathe Naked by the pool, the only time we got dressed was to pop to the local supermarket to get some beers 🍻 returning to the pool for a nude swim, later that evening we went & had a takeaway meal which neither of us enjoyed & went in the bin 🗑.

Monday we enjoyed breakfast on our balcony then packed up our beach & cool bag & head off to the beach where we made a short film as this was our 2000 tweet on Twitter which you can find @Naturistbarny after spending about 5 hours on the beach we went for a nice cold beer 🍺 at Bar Che before heading back to our apartment for a nice cool shower then it was off into the Main heart of Sunny Beach travelling by the little train that runs back & forth all day & its cheap at only 4Lev each which is under £2:00 UK . We go to Moris Bar which use to be called Morris , the food we have is simply Shopska salad typically Bulgarian take on salad chips chicken fillets & cheese garlic bread . Our food was ok but the table behind us where not happy with their meal & sent it back paying just for their drinks then leaving, we did find the service was very slow & the staff were not attentive enough for our liking.

It’s Tuesday now & there are reports that thunderstorms are heading our way , the skies remain sunny so we head of to the beach it’s very hot 🥵 & muggy after a couple of hours the wind gets up covering us from top till toe in sand, the skies darkened & it looks like the reports could be true , we make our way back just in time before a small shower of rain comes down. We again take the little train that evening back into Sunny Beach and try a New Restaurant, we have heard good things about this place from a Facebook page & we have to say we were not disappointed the food was amazing the Restaurant is called La Pa La Pa it’s just over the road from Flower Street, later that evening we did indeed get that long awaited thunderstorm which we watched light up the skies from the corridor

its Wednesday now & the weather app says more rain today the skies are once again dark , we get up dressed & go to Picadilly Bar for a full English breakfast, then go do some shopping buying gifts to take back to the UK.

Thursday the weather is hot 🥵 again so we head to the Naturist beach

we did the same on Friday as this will be our last full day here we make the most of the lovely hot weather

it’s Saturday & we are up early tidying the apartment packing our bags putting stuff away till when we are able to come here again & get ready for our taxi that’s going to take us to the airport for our flight back to London. We arrive at the airport in plenty of time & enjoy one last drink before getting on board the aircraft, but their is a delay we are left on the plane for one hour before being given the ok to takeoff, 3 hours later & we land at London Gatwick, once we have collected our bags we head off to get our car 🚗 , on our way home the journey is going ok along the M23 then M25 but when we reach the Dartford Crossing the Tunnels that go under the River Thames are closed we sit stuck in traffic for over one hour , eventually the tunnels are open & we start moving by the time we finally get home it’s nearly 20:00 hrs . It’s been a wonderful Holiday great that we are able to spend time together, on with our next adventure.

We do hope you have enjoyed this blog see you next time

Remember Be Happy Be Naked

David & Debbie Barny

June 2019 with the Barny’

Welcome once again to our blog Thank you for your likes & comments we do like to hear from you .

It’s Saturday 1st the weather is glorious we are both enjoying the sunshine ☀️ while we are both getting excited about the Champions League Final later that where our Tottenham Hotspur play in a all English Final against Liverpool The kickoff for the final is at 20:00 hrs & at 20:01 , Tottenham are a goal down a penalty has been awarded to Liverpool by VAR for hand ball , this Decision played a big part in the final result . Tottenham controlled possession but were unable to score that important goal. In the second half Tottenham continued to dominate the procession & towards the end they missed chance after chance then in the last minute of the Match Liverpool scored again making the final score Tottenham 0-2 Liverpool.

It’s back to work for the both of us but the weekend soon comes around & we are off to the Naturist Foundation in Kent if you have never been there it well worth a visit definitely check there website & there twitter page @natfound the weather has turned it’s been raining heavy the night before, we wake up to light rain ☔️ clouds but we decide still to go , we drive over the Dartford crossing into Kent from Essex & we have soon arrived, once we have checked in at reception we head of the lovely indoor swimming pool where we stayed for about a hour before heading to the cafe for some much needed lunch then the heavens open so we head to the bar & had a couple of drinks where we chatted to the staff & members of the club before heading to the changing rooms to get ready to leave On the 21st it was the Summer Solstice here in the Northern Hemisphere we did do a blog about the Summer Solstice which we explain the meaning & how it’s such a important day in the Wiccan calendar we hope enjoyed it . Watching the sun rises at dawn at Stonehenge it was totally amazing.

On Saturday the 22nd was the start of Debbie’s 50th Birthday 🎂 celebrations, friends & Family were invited to the Peterboat in Leigh-on-sea Essex , it’s was great to catch up with friends & Family lots of drinking was involved. Sunday now & we are both recovering from the night before lol , we a spot of Naked gardening, we go back to work on the Monday & Tuesday where the girls I work with decorated my workstation gave me loads of presents 🎁 & Birthday cards which was lovely. when I arrive home I’m told by David to go back a bag for two nights , I ask why but don’t get an answer.

It’s now Wednesday the 26th & David is up early out of the house 20 minutes later he turns up driving a mini bus 🚌 . We put our bags in the bus then head off stopping to pick up both our parents, still no idea as to where we are going? We travel up the A12 to the small Suffolk seaside town of Southwald where we have a spot of lunch Fish & chips on the small pier after dinner we all go for a short walk along sea shore where we are met by lots of different coloured painted beach huts , the weather sadly is very overcast with grey skies & a stiff breeze coming in off the North Sea , so head back to our bus & travel about 10 miles or so passed Lowestoft when we arrive at Gunton Hall. Once we have check in we head to the bar & have a couple of drinks, before getting ready for dinner then a show featuring the story of Judy Garland & Liza Minnelli after the show we head back to bar for some more drinks, David kindly reminds me that I have only 25 minutes left of My 40s. Lol

it’s the 27th & it’s My Birthday I open My cards & presents from David & the ones that friends & Family have given him , we go down to breakfast where I receive more presents from our parents, later that morning we both go over to the pool & spa for a swim, sauna & steamroom . We then go for a walk round the grounds before getting ready for a very posh afternoon high Tea all very Grand. Our evening meal is only a few hours away & we are both stuffed lol . We get ready for dinner then head into the Restaurant & at our table , the table has been decorated which was a lovely touch after dinner we head to theatre to watch songs from the West End which featured Les Miserables & The Jersey Boys which is our favourite shows . After the show once again we head back to the bar for a couple of drinks before we head back to our rooms, I would just like to say a big Thank You to everyone for their cards & presents, Birthday wishes & a big Thank You to our Twitter followers as my phone didn’t stopped all day with wishes & likes .

After Breakfast we checked out of the Hotel filled the bus up with diesel then headed home dropping our parents off first before returning the bus then it was shower change again because the Birthday celebrations continued at the Boat Yard in Leigh-on-Sea where we had dinner & a Bruno Mars Show with friends.

On Saturday & Sunday the weather here in The UK has been magnificent so we made the most of it sunbathing nude . Hope you enjoyed this blog next Month our Naked Bulgarian Adventure will be happing stay in touch on twitter you will find us @Naturistbarny till next time

Remember Be Happy Be Naked

David & Debbie Barny

Summer Solstice 2019

The 2019 summer solstice is the point in the year when the Earth’s north pole tilts furthest towards the Sun. It happens twice yearly, once in each hemisphere. The summer solstice, also known as midsummer, means the Sun has reached its highest position in the sky and it is the day with the longest period of daylight. Since prehistory, the summer solstice has been marked as a significant time of year in many cultures with a myriad of festivals and rituals commemorating the occasion. But how exactly is it celebrated?


One of the largest solstice celebrations in the world actually takes place in the UK, at the mystical spot of Stonehenge.

Thousands travel to the site each year to celebrate the summer season.

The solstice has been celebrated for thousands of years and is associated with pagans, who call the day Litha.

The pagan understanding of Litha is a fight between light and dark, and between the ruler from the winter to summer solstice, the Oak King, and the ruler from summer to winter, the Holly King.

Traditionally, pagans reflect on the battle between light and dark within themselves at this time.

For pagans, the ancient Stonehenge monument in Avebury in Wiltshire, has great importance when celebrating solstice, as it is only on this day that the rising sun reaches the middle of the stones when shining on the central altar.

This specific alignment of stones with the sun attracts tens of thousands of visitors to Stonehenge each year to see the sun rise on the first morning of summer, even if the history of the site, why and for who it was built remains a mystery.

Solstice Blessings I hop you enjoyed this blog if you wish to find out more about Wicca then check our blogs as we feature all the Wiccan festivals.

Remember Be Happy Be Naked

David & Debbie Barny

May 2019 with the Barny’s

Hello & welcome to our blog Hope you enjoyed our last two blogs April with the Barny’s & our one about Beltane, we do like all you likes & comments.

Following on from our last blog Tottenham Hotspur played the first leg of the champions semi final at home to Ajax of Amsterdam 🇳🇱unfortunately it did not go to plan & Tottenham lost the game 0-1 so its all to do in the 2nd leg in Amsterdam. Its back to work for the both of Us the 2nd leg of the Semi Final soon comes around on the 8th of May the games could not get any bad for Spurs as they are 2-0 down at Half Time 3-0 on Aggregate Ajax fans inside the stadium are celebrating that they are already in the final as PA & Ajax fans sing the Classic Bob Marley 🇲🇲 tune Three little Birds as the players come for the 2nd Half . I have to say this was one of the most remarkable 2nd half’s of Football I have ever seen as Tottenham do stunning come back scoring 3 goals all by Lucas Moura  the last of his 3 goals coming 90+6 minutes of stoppage time the tie finishes  2-3 on the night   3-3 on aggregate with Tottenham winning on the Away Goals Rule so now onto the Champions League Final on the June 1st against another 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿English side Liverpool in the 🇪🇸Spanish Capital Madrid, more on that in our June Blog.

Its the day after the night before & we are at Hospital🏥 Debbie having some checks done which thankfully turns out to be ok.

Its back to work for the both us the weather here is not as hot or warm as it was this time last year but we do manage to do some gardening which is much need of it , I get to play with my new toy a chainsaw which I put to good use cutting down some branches on the trees in our garden which has been blocking out the sun.

We were able to book a day visit to the Naturist Foundation in Kent for the 8th June. with our work commitments this Year this maybe our only opportunity to visit this Year. As In am working nights I’m able to enjoy a afternoon of sunbathing before going to work

Its Friday 24th & we both have a day off, & the weather here in Essex is very warm with the sun shining we make the most of it & spend the day clothes free

it’s back to work for Debbie I have a few days off work which I’m able to catch up stuff next Month is going to be a big Month as Debbie has a landmark Birthday 🎂 lots of celebrations will be happening a trip to Nat Found , & to start the Month The Champions League Final also it will be the Summer Solstice on the 21st see you in our next blog till next time peace

Remember Be Happy Be Naked

David & Debbie Barny


Beltane 2019

Beltane is a Celtic word which means ‘fires of Bel’ (Bel was a Celtic deity). It is a fire festival that celebrates of the coming of summer and the fertility of the coming year.

Celtic festivals often tied in with the needs of the community. In spring time, at the beginning of the farming calendar, everybody would be hoping for a fruitful year for their families and fields.

Beltane rituals would often include courting: for example, young men and women collecting blossoms in the woods and lighting fires in the evening. These rituals would often lead to matches and marriages, either immediately in the coming summer or autumn.

Other festivities involved fire which was thought to cleanse, purify and increase fertility. Cattle were often passed between two fires and the properties of the flame and the smoke were seen to ensure the fertility of the herd.

Today Pagans believe that at Beltane the God (to whom the Goddess gave birth at the Winter Solstice) achieves the strength and maturity to court and become lover to the Goddess. So although what happens in the fields has lost its significance for most Pagans today, the creation of fertility is still an important issue.

Emma Restall Orr, a modern day Druid, speaks of the ‘fertility of our personal creativity’. (Spirits of the Sacred Grove, pub. Thorsons, 1998, pg.110). She is referring to the need for active and creative lives. We need fertile minds for our work, our families and our interests.

Fire is still the most important element of most Beltane celebrations and there are many traditions associated with it. It is seen to have purifying qualities which cleanse and revitalise. People leap over the Beltane fire to bring good fortune, fertility (of mind, body and spirit) and happiness through the coming year.

Although Beltane is the most overtly sexual festival, Pagans rarely use sex in their rituals although rituals often imply sex and fertility. The tradition of dancing round the maypole contains sexual imagary and is still very popular with modern Pagans.

The largest Beltane celebrations in the UK are held in Edinburgh. Fires are lit at night and festivities carry on until dawn. All around the UK fires are lit and private celebrations are held amongst covens and groves (groups of Pagans) to mark the start of the summer.

We hope you enjoy our blogs & we love your comments & likes . Till next time take care &

Remember Be Happy Be Naked

David & Debbie Barny

February , March 2019 with the Barny’s

Welcome to our Blog if you are reading this for the first time ,Welcome. It’s been such a busy time for us with our work commitments & change in shift patten which come into force at the turn of the year meaning that I have to work every weekend until March so we have not had much time to be together let alone any clothes free time together. On

February 13th Our fabulous Tottenham Hotspur played Borussia Dortmund of Germany 🇩🇪 in the champions league at Wembley a under strength Tottenham side without likes of Kane & Dele beat the much fancied Germans 3-0 now in a great position to go though to the next round with the 2nd leg of the tie in 3 weeks time .

February 14th was valentines Day

On the 20th we went out to our favourite restaurant Kings Head in Great Bursted Essex to celebrate the fact that we have been a couple for 11 years

In the return fixture with Borussia Dortmund Harry Kane returns to the side & scored the only goal of the game meaning Tottenham win the tie 4-0 on aggregate score, the Champions League draw has been made & Tottenham will play Manchester City in the 1/4 Final hopefully Tottenham will be playing in their New stadium for this Match.

Woohoo we have a full weekend off & we are making the most of it the weather is still not warm enough to be naked outdoors for long .we plan for a day out in Colchester Essex which is in the North of the County. We find somewhere to park then make our way to Colchester castle 🏰

Colchester Castle is one of the seven man made wonders of the east of England. The Normans began building it in 1076 and the castle took 50 years to complete. It is the largest Norman Keep in Europe. Throughout the middle ages it was a royal fortress and was only entrusted to loyal supporters of the reigning monarch.

Building The Castle

Construction of the castle began in 1076, probably under the supervision of Gundulf, Bishop of Rochester who built the White Tower at London.

William I ordered a stone castle on the strategic route between East Anglia and London.

Due to a lack of local quality stone, the Norman builders plundered Roman Colchester to build their keep.

 Roman Foundations

 The Normans built the castle over the ruined Roman Temple of Claudius, built when Colchester was the first Roman capital of Britain.

They incorporated the base of the temple into the foundations of the great tower.

Medieval Times

Colchester saw little action at first; it was attacked by John in 1216 as it had been taken by the French, but it remained Crown property in the care of a succession of stewards or constables throughout medieval times.

Colchester Gaol

By the 13th century Colchester Castle was in use as a prison and at times many hundreds of prisoners of war were confined here in appalling conditions.

Much of the castle was a ruin by the 16th century although it continued in use as a county gaol until 1668 and even after that was a prison until 1835.

Colchester Gaol

By the 13th century Colchester Castle was in use as a prison and at times many hundreds of prisoners of war were confined here in appalling conditions.

Much of the castle was a ruin by the 16th century although it continued in use as a county gaol until 1668 and even after that was a prison until 1835.

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